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Low Elastic Sandwich Air Mesh Fabric

Fashionable Design Sandwich Air Mesh Fabric Polyester Custom

All Colors can be chosen ,wide usage ,popular and fashion ,soft hand feeling.

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This mesh fabric is laminated with our single-layer mesh #HYK222 (all white) and different other single layer mesh fabric at the back.  It is widely used in sport shoes, backpack, etc. Because of the laminated fabric at the back, the fabric is not easily distorted when making shoes or bags.

The top mesh fabric (HYK222) is always white. The back mesh fabric is in different colors. The back color will come out through the holes. Compared with another item #HY1996, which is colored top mesh fabric with same colored back mesh fabric.The colors of this laminated fabric are mainly bright and colorful, as well as the glitter surface, which could be widely used for ladies' and kid's shoes.

Technical Data



Test Method

Structural Characteristics


100% Polyester




GB/T 4669-2008




GB/T 3820-1997




GB/T 4666-2009

Additional Tests

Colorfastness to sweat


GB/T 3922-1995

colorfastness to rubbing

3-4 (dry & west)

GB/T 3920-2008

Colorfastness to light

4 Grade (Bluewool Std)

ISO 105-B02:2014

Flame Retardance

if required


Good Permeability, moistureproof, Antibiosis, Tear-resistant, Anti-static, Shrink-Resistant


shoes / bags / sofa / cushion / mattress / toy / garment / hat / glove …


We are a professional manufacturer who has been focusing on the production of all kinds of mesh fabrics, such as sandwich mesh, single layer mesh, lining, laminated fabric, spandex fabric, etc.

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