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  • What is sandwich air mesh fabric? Jul 02 , 2020
    Sandwich air mesh fabric is a kind of fabric made of knitted machine. Sandwich air mesh fabric is made of three parts. It is like sandwich, so air mesh fabric is also called sandwich fabric, which is polyester yarn. This surface is usually meshed design, the middle layer connects the bottom and Upper surface, its usually close knitting flat surface, that’s why it is known as sandwich fabric.
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  • Use of sandwich air mesh fabric Jun 02 , 2021
    Sandwich air mesh fabric looks like a net and it is very flexible and it has huge use in the market, this fabric is designed for airflow and cushioning. Air mesh fabric is very smooth and comfortable; you can use this fabric very easily, this fabric is used by many industries for making products. This air mesh fabric is very durable and useful for a long time. Is now widely used in sports shoes cl...
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  • Airmesh technology Jun 02 , 2021
    The Airmesh technology allows the running shoes to have a high capability for breathing, maintaining your feet dry and coll at all times, which prevent problems like: Strong Odor, hyperhydrosis, bad fungus among others.
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  • Structural analysis of 3D mesh fabric by Micro X-ray computed tomography Aug 12 , 2021
    Three-dimensional mesh fabric is a special type of knitted spacer fabric with sandwich structure consisting of two separate meshed multifilament outer layers linked together with a layer of spacer monofilaments. Nowadays, many sells and buyers would like to call it Sandwich mesh fabric because it can better be understood by people.  It has found wide applications in home textiles and automoti...
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  • Newly devoloped product Newly devoloped product Feb 19 , 2022
    I got a picture from our custmer yesterday. There is a pair of shoes what made with our company's product(HY386B). Here is the shoes pictures You can clearly seen that the fabric are so fit in this shoes. We have other products can make shoes, such as HYK6997RN, HY1227. If you are interested in our produict you can go to our company website to have a look or you can get in touch with us directly. ...
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